4 thoughts on “The Tunnel System

  1. Sorry but there isn’t a tunnel system under the hotel. It’s just a massive basement with a maze of rooms and hallways. I was down there as part of the security staff during TAPS Con (please hold the comments about that situation). I went through most of the basement and I didn’t find ANY tunnels, just lots of hallways and rooms, even some oddly located bathrooms. Sorry to contradict your description but I had to make the statement that says the truth.

  2. thank you for visiting and participating, the local media and tour guides have always called it “tunnels”, so we also use the “relaxed definition” as well. HERE is an example of our local television station using that term. (see 3 mins 10 secs in) i am glad that you had an opportunity to work there briefly and share your experience with our readers.

  3. Lloyd, the tunnel was closed off. The one I am familiar with goes to the bell tower at 802 Druid. I believe the historical society has the information on this.

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