I have been holding out for the overnight stay before i unleash the fury of investigation data. So far I have visited the Belleview Biltmore 3 times each time taking hundreds of photos, videos and EVP with my Olympus DS30 which so far I have uncovered 2 worthy of offering up to the critics to evaluate and explain. May 16, I will be joining Orlando Ghost Tours on their overnight package as the final countdown to closure happens to the Belleview Biltmore Hotel for renovations. This time I will live it up like any of the famous guests like Babe Ruth enjoying all of the facilities and drinking in the grandeur of this historic hotel. I will also do extensive EVP and infrared photography during my investigation at dead time: 3 am.
My next update will be the last for the Biltmore until its re-opening scheduled for 2012, where if all goes as planned it will be restored to its original state as it appeared in the 40’s. If done correctly, this could be Tampa Bay’s most spectacular place to stay bar none. I have many other reported haunted places that i will investigate after i publish my reveal.