Chris Koharki –

I am so excited that I found your site. I have been searching for more proof of the hauntings at the Biltmore and to confirm our own experiences. Well here goes.

I cannot remember exactly when we (myself, husband and son) were there it must of been when my son graduated college in the summer of 2004. We went with him to look at Florida locations to move to and we stayed at the Biltmore. We had a small room for one night but the hotel saw we were staying for a week so they moved us to a bigger room. It was a suite actually I think on the 2nd floor it was the room in your pictures at the end with the balcony over it. The room over it was actually the presidential suite. Well we stayed there one night and got no sleep at all. We kept hear a certain noise all night. We called the front desk and they said they would send someone but never did. This happened a couple of nights. One night I was hit in the face with a pillow. I looked and my husband and son were sound asleep. A while later it felt like someone took my ankles and pushed down on them. Again everyone else was asleep. I woke up my husband then and told him what had happened. He went down to the desk again and told them but they never would admit to anything. They moved us then to the presidential suite for one night. It was beautiful but we had a strange experience there too. Out of the clear blue we heard a loud sound like a fog horn or like a ship coming into the harbor. We ran out to look and nothing was there and no one else seemed to hear anything. We were moved the next morning to another room and the hotel bought us dinner. We asked lots of questions but got no answers to if the place was haunted or not. We finally left to go home but we talk about it often and would like some answers. I am so glad to have found your site. I understand TAPS will be there next month and am looking forward to seeing what they come up with. I want to go back when the hotel opens again. Since all of this happened we are now living in Naples FL. I will never forget my experiences there.