I would stay in the Biltmore every year for a week in the summer. It was a girls youth group convention.  I knew from the start that there was paranormal activity.

One expierence, there were many, was while there was a group of us in our room.  We were just all hanging around in the room when one person tried to leave. The door was not locked but it would not open! We tried to open it, we pulled pushed had a number of us try at once…nothing! Finally it got so bad we called down to the front desk. Someone came with an extra key to unlock the door. Of course that didn’t work either. After a number of trys, calling the maintainance person, they decided to saw the door knob off the door so we could get out. They got the knob off, they had to take part of the frame with it, but finally we got out. To this day, we still have the door knob!

It wasn’t until recently that I started to think of all the activity I expoerenced in that hotel. I am going to pull out some of my old photos and take another look at them.

My husband and I moved out to arizona and have done our first  investigation at the Birdcage in Tombstone. We are trying to move back to Florida and would if we make it back there we would love to get into some investigations out there.