My name is Shana, and when I saw your segment on Bio, I was so excited. You see, I used to do the ghost tours and investigations at the Belleview. I was with a company out of Orlando and I and sometimes with a co-worker, would come in on Saturday’s and do 2 2 hour long tours from 8 – 12:00 am. I did this for about 2 years 2 – 3 times a month. I must say I witnessed some really great experiences. Unfortunately, I myself never had one with the exception of getting 1 EVP. The best experience happened on the 4th floor in the area that was never fully renovated.

This happened in early November 2007 I believe. On this occasion I was working with a co-worker. Let’s call her Abby. We were giving our 2nd tour of the night to a group of 4 older women. It turned out that they did investigations in New Port Richie. We were doing just fine, the lady’s getting vibes in several areas. They had told us that one was an audio psychic, the other 2 general psychic’s, but said nothing about the 4th member of the group. When we finally made it up to the 4th floor we had gone back to the generally closed off far end. There is a small alcove type area there with a window to the left that overlooks the back of (pool side) the hotel. This is where we usually stopped and finished up our tour as the door leading back even further was usually locked. Some records and building supplies were kept back there. One of the women went to the window looked out and then jumped back. She said there was man looking in at us (yes, sitting on the roof) and he was angry. Not at us, just angry. Of course, the rest of us didn’t see anything.

The group started to disperse a bit but my co-worker walked over and stood directly in front of the window with her back to it. I was standing with my back to the hallway from where we had come, speaking with one of the women. Abby was looking directly at the woman. We basically made the points on an upside down triangle. Anyway, I suddenly got a VERY clear thought in my head that I should watch Abby. Within moments, I saw her jerk forward like she had been shoved, she turned quickly to look at me as if to ask why I had shoved her but I was too far away. Suddenly she is shaking her hands and saying “oh my God, oh my God something just went through me!” She took off running down the hall. After a moment I excused myself and went after her. When I reached her at the point where there were the rooms that could be occupied started, she was sitting on the floor shaking. I asked what happened. Abby said that something had passed through the entire right side of her body leaving her numb, and she was just now getting feeling back like that pins and needle feeling you get when something falls asleep. She was pretty shaken up, but said she would be ok, and I should go back to the group. I started back. As I approached the group, I noticed that the woman I had been speaking to, who had been in front of Abby and who had not identified having any type of psychic abilities was up against the wall with 1 woman on either side of her, helping to hold her up. The leader of the group was standing in front of her and asking questions. When I reached them the question being asked was “what is your name?” The answer from the woman being held up was “no” but it was a deep baritone man’s voice! I was stunned and thought “how cool, she’s channeling!” I was pretty excited. About this time Abby had made it back to us and started to freak out. She contacted our boss asking what we were supposed to do in this situation, that one of our guest had been possessed. I’ll never forget his answer; he was laughing loudly and told her to go talk to it! The leader of the woman’s group, just calmly turned around and told us not to worry that the woman was a channel and they did this all the time. They asked a few more questions but all the entity would say was “no” to every question. Finally they told him he had to leave her and move on. After a few moments the woman seem to come around. She went on to tell us that she didn’t think the man had ever been at the hotel but that he was very evil and had committed crimes against women. We left the area and after some excited chatter, finished up our night. It was one of the best ever.

It was in January of the next year when we resumed our tours that I went back up to the area alone in the late afternoon. I set up my audio recorder and asked some questions. One of my questions was “ Will you make yourself known tonight?” Immediately after is the definite answer “Yes” in a man’s whisper. I did not hear it at the time of the recording. That night’s tour did go well, but only minimum activity, mostly K2 meter readings.

While our company was in residence there, we were occasionally granted access to the 5th floor. Due to condition, it was closed off to the public. Both my daughters had experiences up there and I was told on 2 separate occasions, while the group was on the 4th floor, that whatever was up there, was very aware of MY presence and that I needed to stay away from the stair cases leading up there, and should probably stop talking about the entity. As I said before, I never did have any direct personal experiences and did go to the 5th floor on several occasions. This however did not diminish my delight in being at the BB and I truly miss visiting and investigating. If you are ever able to bring along another investigator, I would love to join you. I especially was delighted to see that contact had been made with the little boy. We encountered him several times and often brought balls for him. We called him James. We were told he has an older brother too and James sometimes gets mad at him.

Good luck and have fun on your future investigations.