As the fight continues, in comes this email from a past employee…

My name is Josh and I worked at the Belleview Biltmore/Mido from May of 1987 until July of 1992.
I moved to Key West not long after I was “Retired” by the Mido Corporation along with quite a few other key employees, but I am regressing.

I have just moved back to Redington Beach and found out the Belleview is scheduled to be torn down, what a sad thing to happen, so much history and so many Ghosts. Where will the Ghosts/Spirits go, I do not think they will be happy in the Condo’s that are planned to replace a location with such a rich history, Sad, Sad, Sad.

The five years I worked at the hotel four of those years were working from 11pm until 8 or so in the morning and yes the hotel is very Haunted.

 I have heard music playing (Big Band) at 2 in the morning from the Starlight Ballroom, heard what sounded like a party in progress in the Tiffany Ballroom, I have seen a man and woman walk across a hallway from out of the wall ( where a doorway used to be) into the opposite wall ( where another doorway once was), that happened more than once. One night the other auditor, front desk clerk and two security officers and myself heard what sounded like train cars being uncoupled in the basement (Tunnels), Security spent a couple hours trying to see where the sounds were coming from but found nothing. The feeling of someone behind you or the feeling of being watched was a nightly occurrence, was it just being in a big old hotel or was something really there? I would have to sit down and write all the things that I have seen and heard but although I would get creeped out sometimes I never felt like anything was evil or bad or wanted to hurt anyone. It took a year for me to get comfortable with the spirits of the property. I was a total non believer before I worked at the Belleview Biltmore, not anymore! I felt like I was more of a caretaker of their home, like a friend that came to visit them every night.. Corny?

Thank you for giving the spirits of the hotel the respect they deserve.