Belleview Biltmore Hotel
Haunted or Hoax?

The Belleview Biltmore was built in 1897 by railroad tycoon, Henry Plant. It boasts many famous guests that include Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Babe Ruth, and Margaret Thatcher. It sits on 22-acres and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It is a beautiful hotel that everyone should experience at least once!

I was fortunate to be invited to accompany Tim Huck from Clearwater Ghost Hunters to this amazing hotel in Clearwater, Florida. He had already been to this “haunted” hotel a few times and I found the invitation to join him too good to resist-especially since this would be the last chance before the hotel closed for 3 years due to extreme renovations.

The existence of ghosts has never been a question in my mind and I found it a challenge to prove this fact to others so on May 16, I checked in for a night of talking to dead people.

My first experience of the presence of earthbound spirits was right off the elevator to our 3rd floor room. While I walked down the hallway to our room, I immediately felt light headed and knew that since I have the gift of clairsentience (clear feeling), this was an indication of a very eventful night. I am also clairvoyant (clear seeing) and have mental telepathy but knew it would take more than these clairs to satisfy the general population of any type of haunting.

Tim was definitely prepared for this ghost hunt by a myriad of equipment-most of which I had no understanding. He was the scientist trying to make the appropriate distinction between haunt or hoax and I was the psychic trying to help by finding the spirits and understand why they couldn’t leave this hotel.

The night began with a bang by the presence of ghosts in the hallway across from the elevators on the first floor. The electromagnetic meter reading went from a 0 to 27 mG and stayed steady there for most of the night. I was so lightheaded and disoriented that I felt as though I would fall over every time I was in that vicinity but since there were so many people wandering the halls, it was too difficult to get any names, genders, or descriptions. Tim, on the other hand, had to remain neutral so he decided the meter was high because of the enormous amount of electricity in the area, including the massive wiring in the underground tunnels right below the flooring. Although I knew better, I decided to let it go and return after the ghost tour. 4 hours later we returned to the exact spot and the readings of the electromagnetic meter had gone down to a 0.

Tim has had his own experiences at this hotel and believes that it is definitely haunted but his analytical mind has to keep all of this investigation on the scientific level. I understand that most people need actual proof that they can either see or hear, and I also knew that my findings probably wouldn’t be able to do this unless I could get some response from the spirits recorded on his EVP.

The actual ghost tour definitely showed me the presence of a few ghosts that included two young children-a boy and a girl-that were both afraid and very sad, and a very angry man that wanted everyone to leave. Most of the earthbound spirits were located on the 5th floor in the very first few rooms we visited. The one that made the biggest impression and had the greatest effect on me was the scared little boy that seemed to be as drawn to me as I was to him. I was called into this room repeatedly by various reactions within my body; ie: severe headache as soon as I stepped in and immediate relief when leaving, light headed and general feelings of a paranormal presence. I asked Tim to bring his equipment in to verify my impressions. He went through the room with little or not readings so I asked him to give me his meter and EVP to hold. I knew the little boy was as close to me as he could get and wanted to see if he would eventually say something that could be heard by the human ear through his voice recorder. He was very shy and seemed to be looking for and desperately missing his mother. As soon as the meter was handed to me it spiked a very high reading so Tim left the room to see if I could get the little boy to talk. I tried to communicate with him but, as with all children when they are scared, they usually prefer not to talk. It broke my heart to see such pain and anguish so I called on Archangel Michael to help him find the white light so he could be reunited with his parents. The boy would not go for fears that only he knew but just as he was declining, Tim opened the door and the boy vanished. At that minute, the meter went back to a 0.

Although there were other “hot spots” in that same vicinity, this experience was the most daunting to me. The scared little boy would have found the peace and happiness that his soul deserves if he hadn’t been attached to the thought that going into the light would either prevent him from ever finding his mother or that he had already made his mother mad for not following her into the light the first time and feared the consequences.

The other two spirits I encountered that night were only brief but they left a feeling of loss, fear, sadness and/or anger, which is quite typical for earthbound spirits.

I would be very anxious and delighted to be able to return to this amazing hotel after their re-opening in 2012 and try to convince some of these spirits to let go of all attachments and return home where they will find all the love, peace and happiness that their soul deserves.

I would like to express my gratitude to Tim and hope it is the first of many ghost-hunting expeditions that we encounter!