How do I sum up my experience at the Belleview Biltmore Hotel?

I will say that my personal experience has changed my opinion on ghosts in general. Always the skeptic, I ribbed my wife for the stories she told me about her childhood experiences regarding ghosts and it wasn’t until after having two notable experiences where I actually saw a ghost that I began to seriously consider these stories as truth.

My first experience happened one night as I was walking into my bedroom. I saw a young girl following me and thought it was my daughter (assuming she wanted to crawl in bed with mom) so without saying anything I kept walking into the room.  I entered my bedroom, knowing I was still being followed, and was shocked that my wife shut the door slamming it in what I thought was our daughter’s face.  After opening the door and looking around, we discovered both of our daughters were in bed asleep. I then realized it was not our daughter and was in shock at what I saw. My wife knew it was a ghost but I just shrugged it off as my mind was playing tricks on me.

As my life progressed, the paranormal experiences increased, also. I was still seeing the same little girl in our hallway periodically but along with that I was seeing shadow people.  I knew it couldn’t be my eyes playing tricks on me or fatigue because there were too many to write off.

It wasn’t long until I discovered a previous high school beauty named Faith on a social network. As we briefed one another on what we had been doing since high school, one thing led to another and I was hired to build a website for her.

As I built her website we had many opportunities to discuss the paranormal and she sparked my interest in ghost hunting.  The Belleview Biltmore was a slam dunk for my first investigation because it was the place I had captured my first orb. I was at this hotel shooting a television commercial for the Toronto Blue Jays with my DJ business clearwaterdj and although at the time I dismissed it as dust, I now know it was much more than that.

While ghost hunting at the Belleview Biltmore I had readings on my EMF detectors that soared to 17-23.  I could explain certain areas due to wiring. But there were areas with NO electric power that were giving off very high readings and I would return to the same spot and find it at zero. I used a KII meter like TAPS and a MEL-8704.

I also used an Olympus DS-30 voice recorder and found EVP’s of a hostile disembodied voice telling me to basically “F myself” and another one identifying himself as “Walter”.  Oddly enough, when I booked a room for our ghost hunt, they gave me the EXACT room where “Walter” identified himself.

At the Belleview Biltmore I saw a full blown apparition of a woman dressed as you would in the 30’s and as I chased her down the hall she vanished to the right. When I got to the end of the hall I noticed there was no hallway where she went – only a wall. So much for that being a real person trying to crank me!  As my wife, Mary, was trying to figure out why I was running down the hall she saw the bottom half of the woman go into a wall. As I climbed the steps of the fourth floor stairs to the fifth floor,  I felt like I was walking in water. I was very light-headed, sluggish, and felt a chill as I heard a woman say; “don’t go up there, they are mad at me”.  It was only in one ear, mid flight on the steps and everything seemed to be moving very slowly-like  in a car accident.  Then I heard two men arguing just past the fifth floor door so I turned and asked my wife, “did you hear that?” she said “no” but I thought she was pulling my leg because they were arguing very loudly. I then thought of the security guards and convinced my wife we should scurry along so we didn’t get caught.

After I got my bearings, I realized a woman, which was obviously a ghost, just whispered in my ear! I told my wife what happened and she was dumbfounded that she heard nothing.

My cameras captured many controversial orbs but also an apparition-one that has been very hard to debunk. I thought it was a light smear, yet as I analyzed photos similar in no way could it be reproduced. Was it the Holy Grail of ghost hunting? You decide.

In conclusion, I will say:  “Based on the evidence collected and numerous personal experiences, the Historic Belleview Biltmore Hotel is indeed haunted”.