Hello, I was married at the Biltmore 10 years ago January and I was able to get a private tour from a very gracious Matt Cummings last June. My wife and I wanted to take some last pictures there before they tore it down. I had heard of various ghost stories concerning the Biltmore, but had never really paid much attention. Being a Christian man, I believe that
” unseen” things are either from a good or evil place and ghosts to me fall in the latter. So to me, searching for that stuff opens doors to things I want no part of! That said, before going on this tour, I read some of the stories on the internet (and your site) and I remembered an interesting thing.
On our wedding day, my wife and her bridesmaids got in the ground floor elevator to go to their 2nd floor room. The elevator went past the 2nd floor, stopped on the 5th floor and stayed there unopened for a couple minutes hovering; then went back down to the ground floor. Everybody got really spooked out and took the stairs.
The reason for my e-mail, is a picture I thought you might like. After the tour in June, I took a bunch of photos of the outside buildings. Over by the big tree near the front lobby, I noticed what looks like a man dressed in formal wear standing in the ground floor window. The only people there at the time was Mr. Cummings and two others who were in their office in the tunnel opposite to this side. You really have to zoom in but I thought you would like to check this out.

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