belleviewbiltmoreroomI was 17 and stayed with my boyfriend who was also 17 on the first floor. The hotel was vacant and had a very unsettling feel to it. I decided to take a bath and try to relax and when I leaned forward to splash water on my face I felt a hand press my face down in the tub of water.

I remember my boyfriend picking me up out of the water and laying me on the bed soaking wet and I was in shock. I have seen spirits good and bad my whole life but this was by far the most frightening and life threatening one I have ever experienced.

Please, I beg you do not mess around with the spirit world because until you are a spirit being only yourself and not spirit & body together you can get hurt or even killed. I have seen horrific things and beautiful things in the spirit world and both are always around us….so do not let the evil in. It is not so easy to stop seeing it when you do.

(Tim Huck: Do you remember the room number?)

I don’t but I remember it was in a hallway by the pool on the first floor. I entered the hotel through a side door I believe and I remember seeing a small desk and the room was down the hall to the left of where I came in and the room was down the hall on my left. It was very scarey and I remember the sound of creaky water pipes and a cold stillness.

I have seen many spirits since age 5 and I keep praying not to see them because I don’t understand why I can see them and feel a positive of negative presence and it is hard to believe that people want to since I fight to ignore it. I come from a long line of family who see spirits and my father is a christian author and tells me it is a gift but my family does not see the bad like I sometimes do and it really frightens me because I don’t understand why I have this “gift” or how I can use it to help others some how. Anyway thank you for the email because I can’t sleep ๐Ÿ™‚

Lisa Knox