Good afternoon.  I work for Morton Plant Hospital….well, actually the Powell Cancer Center on the campus of Morton Plant.  Mr. Bernie Powell, former owner of the Belleview, built the Powell Cancer Center in tribute to his daughter, Christie, who was diagnosed with cancer.  I was hired to manage and maintain the building and as such, have had a bit of a fascination with Mr. Powell and his history with Morton Plant….when I learned who Mr. Powell was and the ties between the hospital and the Belleview, my love affair with the hotel began!  I was never fortunate or honored enough to have stepped foot in the hotel, but it calls to me every time I see it’s peaks from the rooftop of my building here at Morton Plant.  In our conference room, which has been named the “Bernard Powell Conference Room”, there are a number of items belonging to Bernie, including a beautiful aerial of the hotel some years back….I believe it to have been  taken sometime around 1940 – 1955.  I found your wonderful website on line and have been pouring over it for days….the pictures are amazing, the stories are amazing and I would have given every last cent I had to be able to step back in time when the Belleview was a thriving and successful hotel….I am very interested in your tapings for A&E Bio….could you tell me when it will be aired?  Thank you in advance for the historical documentation you have done of the Belleview, which will forever be available for those to view when someday this beautiful old building is gone….it will be a very sad day, indeed.

The timing of finding this website is so ironic…my little sister and I are from New England and as such, have had some wonderful opportunities to do our own ghost hunting!  We have taken one walk around the Biltmore which ended up lasting about 3 hours….all we could do was stare in amazement….and hope we would be lucky enough to see some sort of activity from the distance, but short of a water gutter breaking and gushing a wall of water as we walked past, not much happened!!  (don’t get me wrong…it scared us!!!!)  My sister is spending this weekend with me again and on our agenda….a trip to the Biltmore!!  Of course, the fences around the hotel keep people from walking up to the building but just being that close to the structure is a thrill for me!!  I know the walls of this old hotel are rich with stories and it will talk if people will listen…and you are bringing us that story, piece by piece and I thank you for that… is the next best thing to having actually been able to be inside and see it in person.  I will stay alert to your website in hopes of seeing the air date of your story…in the meantime, I thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to this wonderful old hotel….ridiculous as it sounds, I feel like the Belleview still has much more to say!!

Jane Damoiseau

Assistant to Matthew Novak

Director of Operations, Morton Plant Hospital

our response:

Thank you for visiting my website!  What a wonderful email you sent.

We are all looking forward to the airing of our episode of My Ghost Story on A&E (not sure if i will be happy about all my close ups) kidding aside, we will definitely be talking about the air date.  There is always reruns and netflix etc.  I really understand what you mean by the hotel calling you.  I thought it was just me.

I just received another ghost story from a viewer of the website and more updates will continue.  There is even talks of another overnight investigation in the fall, if so we might take a few people with us.  We will publish that info as well as it develops.

Tim Huck

Paranormal Investigator