On June 2008, I went to Clearwater looking for a hotel. My daughter checked me in to the Belliview Biltmore Hotel. Upon arrival I walked around the hotel. The Hotel had the most history I ever seen. I went to my room on the third or fourth floor and the floor above me was closed off.  We went to dinner and then went back to the hotel for the night. I was lying in bed watching TV. My daughter was in the room lying on her bed. While lying on the bed I noticed the bathroom door open. I got up and shut the door, well the next thing was the closet door opened.  I got up and shut that.  I said if your opening the door leave the room.  The next thing I know I heard kids running up and down the hall.  I opened the door and no one was there.  I went back in to lay on my bed, the next thing I heard was a women talking I opened the door and a tray was near the door, I said to myself it is kids but it was  1 am in the morning.

I went back in and lay on the bed, I then heard kids running over top of us.  I went down to the front desk the next morning.  I informed the front desk I had kids running in the hallway and over top of my room all night.  I was advised by the front desk that I was the only person in the wing and on that floor.  I said I heard young females yelling and playing ball.  I was then advised the 5th floor was blocked off and condemned.  I informed him today it was my check out anyway.  I went up to my room with my daughter and was leaving the room when a loud bang came from the door leading up to the 5th floor.  I opened the door and no one was there. I continued walking to the elevator.  Once at the elevator the bang started again.  I entered the elevator with my daughter and on the way down the elevator started to shake.  It stopped and started going to the 5th floor. The elevator stopped and went down to the lobby.  I exited the elevator and advised the front desk.  I heard children and a male yelling that night and also saw a women in a white dress walk by me on that floor. I was advised by the front desk that the male was heard several times yelling at the young women.  I advised them I was not scared but as a cop I always investigate anything.  I think this place is haunted 100 percent!