Ghost Story – Lisa Knox

belleviewbiltmoreroomI was 17 and stayed with my boyfriend who was also 17 on the first floor. The hotel was vacant and had a very unsettling feel to it. I decided to take a bath and try to relax and when I leaned forward to splash water on my face I felt a hand press my face down in the tub of water.

I remember my boyfriend picking me up out of the water and laying me on the bed soaking wet and I was in shock. I have seen spirits good and bad my whole life but this was by far the most frightening and life threatening one I have ever experienced.

Please, I beg you do not mess around with the spirit world because until you are a spirit being only yourself and not spirit & body together you can get hurt or even killed. I have seen horrific things and beautiful things in the spirit world and both are always around us….so do not let the evil in. It is not so easy to stop seeing it when you do.

(Tim Huck: Do you remember the room number?)

I don’t but I remember it was in a hallway by the pool on the first floor. I entered the hotel through a side door I believe and I remember seeing a small desk and the room was down the hall to the left of where I came in and the room was down the hall on my left. It was very scarey and I remember the sound of creaky water pipes and a cold stillness.

I have seen many spirits since age 5 and I keep praying not to see them because I don’t understand why I can see them and feel a positive of negative presence and it is hard to believe that people want to since I fight to ignore it. I come from a long line of family who see spirits and my father is a christian author and tells me it is a gift but my family does not see the bad like I sometimes do and it really frightens me because I don’t understand why I have this “gift” or how I can use it to help others some how. Anyway thank you for the email because I can’t sleep :)

Lisa Knox

Ghost Story – Shana Davis

My name is Shana, and when I saw your segment on Bio, I was so excited. You see, I used to do the ghost tours and investigations at the Belleview. I was with a company out of Orlando and I and sometimes with a co-worker, would come in on Saturday’s and do 2 2 hour long tours from 8 – 12:00 am. I did this for about 2 years 2 – 3 times a month. I must say I witnessed some really great experiences. Unfortunately, I myself never had one with the exception of getting 1 EVP. The best experience happened on the 4th floor in the area that was never fully renovated.

This happened in early November 2007 I believe. On this occasion I was working with a co-worker. Let’s call her Abby. We were giving our 2nd tour of the night to a group of 4 older women. It turned out that they did investigations in New Port Richie. We were doing just fine, the lady’s getting vibes in several areas. They had told us that one was an audio psychic, the other 2 general psychic’s, but said nothing about the 4th member of the group. When we finally made it up to the 4th floor we had gone back to the generally closed off far end. There is a small alcove type area there with a window to the left that overlooks the back of (pool side) the hotel. This is where we usually stopped and finished up our tour as the door leading back even further was usually locked. Some records and building supplies were kept back there. One of the women went to the window looked out and then jumped back. She said there was man looking in at us (yes, sitting on the roof) and he was angry. Not at us, just angry. Of course, the rest of us didn’t see anything.

The group started to disperse a bit but my co-worker walked over and stood directly in front of the window with her back to it. I was standing with my back to the hallway from where we had come, speaking with one of the women. Abby was looking directly at the woman. We basically made the points on an upside down triangle. Anyway, I suddenly got a VERY clear thought in my head that I should watch Abby. Within moments, I saw her jerk forward like she had been shoved, she turned quickly to look at me as if to ask why I had shoved her but I was too far away. Suddenly she is shaking her hands and saying “oh my God, oh my God something just went through me!” She took off running down the hall. After a moment I excused myself and went after her. When I reached her at the point where there were the rooms that could be occupied started, she was sitting on the floor shaking. I asked what happened. Abby said that something had passed through the entire right side of her body leaving her numb, and she was just now getting feeling back like that pins and needle feeling you get when something falls asleep. She was pretty shaken up, but said she would be ok, and I should go back to the group. I started back. As I approached the group, I noticed that the woman I had been speaking to, who had been in front of Abby and who had not identified having any type of psychic abilities was up against the wall with 1 woman on either side of her, helping to hold her up. The leader of the group was standing in front of her and asking questions. When I reached them the question being asked was “what is your name?” The answer from the woman being held up was “no” but it was a deep baritone man’s voice! I was stunned and thought “how cool, she’s channeling!” I was pretty excited. About this time Abby had made it back to us and started to freak out. She contacted our boss asking what we were supposed to do in this situation, that one of our guest had been possessed. I’ll never forget his answer; he was laughing loudly and told her to go talk to it! The leader of the woman’s group, just calmly turned around and told us not to worry that the woman was a channel and they did this all the time. They asked a few more questions but all the entity would say was “no” to every question. Finally they told him he had to leave her and move on. After a few moments the woman seem to come around. She went on to tell us that she didn’t think the man had ever been at the hotel but that he was very evil and had committed crimes against women. We left the area and after some excited chatter, finished up our night. It was one of the best ever.

It was in January of the next year when we resumed our tours that I went back up to the area alone in the late afternoon. I set up my audio recorder and asked some questions. One of my questions was “ Will you make yourself known tonight?” Immediately after is the definite answer “Yes” in a man’s whisper. I did not hear it at the time of the recording. That night’s tour did go well, but only minimum activity, mostly K2 meter readings.

While our company was in residence there, we were occasionally granted access to the 5th floor. Due to condition, it was closed off to the public. Both my daughters had experiences up there and I was told on 2 separate occasions, while the group was on the 4th floor, that whatever was up there, was very aware of MY presence and that I needed to stay away from the stair cases leading up there, and should probably stop talking about the entity. As I said before, I never did have any direct personal experiences and did go to the 5th floor on several occasions. This however did not diminish my delight in being at the BB and I truly miss visiting and investigating. If you are ever able to bring along another investigator, I would love to join you. I especially was delighted to see that contact had been made with the little boy. We encountered him several times and often brought balls for him. We called him James. We were told he has an older brother too and James sometimes gets mad at him.

Good luck and have fun on your future investigations.


See our “My Ghost Story” episode on A&E Bio

The ads are now in heavy rotation and our episode at the Belleview Biltmore will be part of the season premiere of “My Ghost Story” starting Saturday, Feb 23rd.  Not only are we excited about our episode airing with the new season, but we have also been invited back to the now closed to the public Belleview Biltmore Hotel for another ghost hunt.  We are currently wrapping up the details on that event.  I am also working on my personal website and I am adding content every evening until it is content rich.

Update: Episode will air on Saturday, March 2nd.


Police Officer reports his Ghost Story at Belleivew Biltmore

On June 2008, I went to Clearwater looking for a hotel. My daughter checked me in to the Belliview Biltmore Hotel. Upon arrival I walked around the hotel. The Hotel had the most history I ever seen. I went to my room on the third or fourth floor and the floor above me was closed off.  We went to dinner and then went back to the hotel for the night. I was lying in bed watching TV. My daughter was in the room lying on her bed. While lying on the bed I noticed the bathroom door open. I got up and shut the door, well the next thing was the closet door opened.  I got up and shut that.  I said if your opening the door leave the room.  The next thing I know I heard kids running up and down the hall.  I opened the door and no one was there.  I went back in to lay on my bed, the next thing I heard was a women talking I opened the door and a tray was near the door, I said to myself it is kids but it was  1 am in the morning.

I went back in and lay on the bed, I then heard kids running over top of us.  I went down to the front desk the next morning.  I informed the front desk I had kids running in the hallway and over top of my room all night.  I was advised by the front desk that I was the only person in the wing and on that floor.  I said I heard young females yelling and playing ball.  I was then advised the 5th floor was blocked off and condemned.  I informed him today it was my check out anyway.  I went up to my room with my daughter and was leaving the room when a loud bang came from the door leading up to the 5th floor.  I opened the door and no one was there. I continued walking to the elevator.  Once at the elevator the bang started again.  I entered the elevator with my daughter and on the way down the elevator started to shake.  It stopped and started going to the 5th floor. The elevator stopped and went down to the lobby.  I exited the elevator and advised the front desk.  I heard children and a male yelling that night and also saw a women in a white dress walk by me on that floor. I was advised by the front desk that the male was heard several times yelling at the young women.  I advised them I was not scared but as a cop I always investigate anything.  I think this place is haunted 100 percent!

Ghost Story – Lainie Hackett

I stayed at the Belleview Biltmore back in July of 2005. I have had experience with the spirit world my whole life, however, my stay at the Biltmore drove me into a persistent fascination with the paranormal. Today, I work as a researcher and investigator for my local Paranormal Investigation Team. The Biltmore comes to my mind almost daily.

In late October 2004, my mother and I were staying in Clearwater for the week, visiting her mother, a self-proclaimed sensitive who lived there at the time. Sharing in her abilities and interests, we decided to go on one of the Biltmore’s “Haunted Tours.” The tour was excellent, and we enjoyed chatting with the staff, who was more than happy to divulge their own ghostly experiences. Naturally, when the tour was over we decided to do some poking around on our own. We went down to the basement, and once we were thoroughly creeped out, came back up the steps and out into the main stairwell room. The stairs above us began shaking with the thundering footsteps of at least three children, giggling and laughing extremely loud. Just when we thought they would come speeding around the corner and straight into us, the stairwell became dead silent. We walked up to the next level to look for the children. We were alone. If there had been people in that echoing stairwell making that much noise, they could not have gone up or down or out the door into the hallway without us knowing. This experience drove us to stay there the next year.

July 2005, we checked into the Belleview Biltmore, plus a close friend of mine and mother’s fiancee at the time. While mom was entranced by the resort qualities of the hotel, staying by the pool or getting a massage, then returning to bed early at night, I was focused on what I sensed around me. I was intent on gaining access to the off-limits fourth floor. My friend and I poked around until a bellhop overheard us discussing it and a with a smirk, showed us the way. “Have fun,” he warned. I instantly felt the change of atmosphere on that floor. Though there was no lighting on the floor, the moonlight and our brand new flashlights provided adequate light for our purposes. We were about midway down the hallway when I suddenly felt freezing cold. My friend’s brand new flashlight with brand new batteries died. Every hair on my body was standing on end, and we peered into the shadows down the hall.

A dark black shape, like a thick humanoid shadow, darted across the hall from one room and into another. I was consumed with fear. My friend tried to convince me to leave, then bolted down the hall and out the door. I continued to call out, “Hello?” as I poked around in each room. I walked back into the hallway, and I saw it again, this time closer. It went from the side of the hall it had entered, back into another room. I felt as though something menacing was watching me. Finally resolved to get out of there, I stopped near the door, compelled to turn around. Walking slowly down the hall towards me was a solid white figure. The figure was featureless, but it seemed to emit a sort of light. It seemed large, six feet tall or more, and I could make out its individual legs walking one foot in front of the other.

With that, I was out of there.
Despite it being close to 3 AM at this point, we decided to walk around outside the hotel to calm our nerves before returning to our room. We took a seat near the pool and discussed what we had seen. I glanced up towards the windows of the fourth floor, and there in window was a dark black shadow of someone staring down at us. We stared at it, entirely creeped out, and continued talking, thinking it would go away soon. It didn’t. As we sat there, the figure stared down at us for at least 15 minutes before finally disappearing. I believe it was the shadowed entity telling us it knew we had been in its domain, and keeping an eye out to make sure we stayed away.

Although I have had many experiences throughout my life, this is by far the strongest and most intense. In my work I hope to some day relive an experience as bold as this and capture evidence of it.

–Lainie H.

Powell Cancer Center

Good afternoon.  I work for Morton Plant Hospital….well, actually the Powell Cancer Center on the campus of Morton Plant.  Mr. Bernie Powell, former owner of the Belleview, built the Powell Cancer Center in tribute to his daughter, Christie, who was diagnosed with cancer.  I was hired to manage and maintain the building and as such, have had a bit of a fascination with Mr. Powell and his history with Morton Plant….when I learned who Mr. Powell was and the ties between the hospital and the Belleview, my love affair with the hotel began!  I was never fortunate or honored enough to have stepped foot in the hotel, but it calls to me every time I see it’s peaks from the rooftop of my building here at Morton Plant.  In our conference room, which has been named the “Bernard Powell Conference Room”, there are a number of items belonging to Bernie, including a beautiful aerial of the hotel some years back….I believe it to have been  taken sometime around 1940 – 1955.  I found your wonderful website on line and have been pouring over it for days….the pictures are amazing, the stories are amazing and I would have given every last cent I had to be able to step back in time when the Belleview was a thriving and successful hotel….I am very interested in your tapings for A&E Bio….could you tell me when it will be aired?  Thank you in advance for the historical documentation you have done of the Belleview, which will forever be available for those to view when someday this beautiful old building is gone….it will be a very sad day, indeed.

The timing of finding this website is so ironic…my little sister and I are from New England and as such, have had some wonderful opportunities to do our own ghost hunting!  We have taken one walk around the Biltmore which ended up lasting about 3 hours….all we could do was stare in amazement….and hope we would be lucky enough to see some sort of activity from the distance, but short of a water gutter breaking and gushing a wall of water as we walked past, not much happened!!  (don’t get me wrong…it scared us!!!!)  My sister is spending this weekend with me again and on our agenda….a trip to the Biltmore!!  Of course, the fences around the hotel keep people from walking up to the building but just being that close to the structure is a thrill for me!!  I know the walls of this old hotel are rich with stories and it will talk if people will listen…and you are bringing us that story, piece by piece and I thank you for that… is the next best thing to having actually been able to be inside and see it in person.  I will stay alert to your website in hopes of seeing the air date of your story…in the meantime, I thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to this wonderful old hotel….ridiculous as it sounds, I feel like the Belleview still has much more to say!!

Jane Damoiseau

Assistant to Matthew Novak

Director of Operations, Morton Plant Hospital

our response:

Thank you for visiting my website!  What a wonderful email you sent.

We are all looking forward to the airing of our episode of My Ghost Story on A&E (not sure if i will be happy about all my close ups) kidding aside, we will definitely be talking about the air date.  There is always reruns and netflix etc.  I really understand what you mean by the hotel calling you.  I thought it was just me.

I just received another ghost story from a viewer of the website and more updates will continue.  There is even talks of another overnight investigation in the fall, if so we might take a few people with us.  We will publish that info as well as it develops.

Tim Huck

Paranormal Investigator

Ghost Story – Brian Evans

Hello, I was married at the Biltmore 10 years ago January and I was able to get a private tour from a very gracious Matt Cummings last June. My wife and I wanted to take some last pictures there before they tore it down. I had heard of various ghost stories concerning the Biltmore, but had never really paid much attention. Being a Christian man, I believe that
” unseen” things are either from a good or evil place and ghosts to me fall in the latter. So to me, searching for that stuff opens doors to things I want no part of! That said, before going on this tour, I read some of the stories on the internet (and your site) and I remembered an interesting thing.
On our wedding day, my wife and her bridesmaids got in the ground floor elevator to go to their 2nd floor room. The elevator went past the 2nd floor, stopped on the 5th floor and stayed there unopened for a couple minutes hovering; then went back down to the ground floor. Everybody got really spooked out and took the stairs.
The reason for my e-mail, is a picture I thought you might like. After the tour in June, I took a bunch of photos of the outside buildings. Over by the big tree near the front lobby, I noticed what looks like a man dressed in formal wear standing in the ground floor window. The only people there at the time was Mr. Cummings and two others who were in their office in the tunnel opposite to this side. You really have to zoom in but I thought you would like to check this out.

Click Photo for Larger Image

Looking Gloomy for Belleview Biltmore

Belleview Biltmore

The final shooting of our episode in A&E-Bio’s “My Ghost Story” came to a close and it was quite the challenge on many levels.  The hotel itself was stripped down and almost unrecognizable from when we initially did out ghost hunt.  We found it quite difficult to reenact scenes from what had happened to us.  The Belleview Biltmore had very little power in selected areas (typically only for surveillance) and had one working bathroom in manager’s office the tunnel area.  No electrical meant no air conditioning so we had over 8 hours of shooting in 90+ degree temperatures inside the hotel.  We opened up a window or two in a few “cool down” areas.  We were met by managing member of BB Hotel LLC’s Matthew Cummings and his wife Lisa who were very gracious.  Lisa has a strong interest in the paranormal and gave us a tour of areas we did not get to see.  She felt “a hit” to the mid section and was caught off guard by it during our walk in the tunnel area.  Her hands shook for awhile as she shook off the experience.  We talked about having her join us on another ghost tour and we hope we can make that happen.

The condition of the hotel and the cost of repairing it fell on me like the storm cloud that started to cover the White Queen of the Gulf.  I have always been very optimistic about the plans to renovate the Belleview, but after that visit, I can’t help feeling that it may be all over for this historic hotel.  Gone was just about everything, carpets, fixtures and just about everything that made it look like a hotel.  The exterior looks relatively the same, but the inside is another story.  Just before the hotel closed it’s doors, it was remarkable and the only serious issues were the roof and the 4th and 5th floor.  Now, every area of the hotel looks like the 4th and 5th floor and worse!

We were happy to see they have saved many priceless items in an area (actually air conditioned) for a museum and the Tiffany Glass and a few light fixtures remain.  After seeing the condition of the hotel and some private discussion with the current managing partner Matthew, I now would be satisfied if they just preserved a portion of the hotel as a remembrance of it’s once great stature and converted it into a museum.  I guess fate will decide.  All the talk, hopes and dreams can only do so much.  It will take money and a serious deep pocket to save it.  To do your part to help save the hotel see Bonnie’s link here:

Filming “My Ghost Story” Tues July 31st at Belleview Biltmore

We are ready to wrap up part 2, as they call it, “the B-Roll”.

Faith, Tim and Mary will be on location to finalize an episode of My Ghost Story for A&E Bio.  We will post more pictures of the behind the scenes inside the Belleview Biltmore.  I am hoping that during the filming we can catch paranormal events LIVE on film.  I know the Belleview is the place for that to happen, it is up to the spirits if they decide to appear for television.  For now enjoy this shot of the official chair you sit in while telling your story on the show.  Even the chair looks spooky…


Ghost Story – Glenn Gordon

I’m the owner of HomeGuard pest control and provided pest control to the Belleview for over 30 years. I know all the stories and lived them all. One of my favorite things to do was to talk to the night watchmen and the maids. I can tell and show you many things about her that is not commonly known but I can prove is a fact.

I hope you enjoy one of my pictures, before manifestation of a materialized form of a number of spirits and after. I was photographing the hotel before we preformed the large job so we had a picture reference of all the hidden places. I always took 2 pictures of everything in case of one of them may be out of focus, in 1992 it took many days to get your photographs back.

Respectfully; Glenn Gordon C.E.O. HomeGuard